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Christian Counselling Centre

The Christian Counselling Centre (CCC) is a non-profit, charitable organization. It has a Board of Directors that sets policies and gives direction for the operation of the Centre.

CCC is dedicated to glorifying God by caring for those who are distressed or struggling emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In serving these persons and holding itself accountable to God’s word, CCC seeks to connect with and build partnerships with the church community.

Biblically-based Counselling is professional counselling in which the counsellor comes alongside distressed people within their community context to offer Scriptural wisdom with the goal of assisting their restoration to responsible living in fellowship with God and His people.

Upcoming Events

Speaking Engagement: ASC Spring Meeting
Part 1:Understanding Mental Illness from a Ch
Part 2: Understanding Mental Illness from a C

Courses and Seminars

Understanding Mental Illness from a Christian Perspective: 

The Christian Counselling Centre is offering this course at our Burlington location (3416 New Street) on Saturday April 25th and Saturday May 2nd from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.    This course examines the complexity of mental illness by defining what mental illness is, the three main causes, and the spiritual ramifications of eachcause.  The Instructor is Keith Verburg and the course fee is $80.  To register
or for more information email keith_verburg@bell.netWe can host these or can bring them to your site.  Contact us if interested in a topic listed or one you would like addressed.  A more detailed description can be found here:

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